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Grants Manager

Position: Grants Manager Supervisor: Managing Director Hours Per Week: 32 hrs/week (with full benefits package) Organization Description: Youth Speaks is a leading nonprofit presenter of spoken word education, youth development and presentation programs in the country.  Youth Speaks is based in San Francisco, CA, and provides innovative programming throughout the Bay Area, California, and the country.  Youth Speaks helped mobilize, and continues to actively engage with a grassroots network of organizations that convene annually at the Brave New Voices Festival. During our 17 years of existence, we have built important relationships with local and national funders, schools, nonprofits, artists, individual supporters, health and environmental institutions, and other partners. Job Description: We are seeking a mission-driven professional to manage our fundraising activities with foundations, government agencies and other philanthropic institutions.  The Grants Manager plays an essential role in the organization to generate general operating and program/project-based support, to monitor and satisfy existing grant requirements, and to serve as a positive ambassador with funders and other community partners. Job Responsibilities include: Grant Writing & Management
  • Collaborate with program directors to create compelling grant proposals and funding requests;
  • Write and assemble most or all sections of each grant proposal, with key input from program directors and other staff;
  • Coordinate with relevant staff in order to solicit timely and appropriate input/review of grant proposals prior to submission deadlines;
  • Review guidelines for all foundation proposals and reports to make sure all submissions are accurately formatted and include all required information, including budgets and materials;
  • In cases when another staff member submits a funder report or application, provide them detailed submission instructions and assistance with final review, as needed;
  • Ensure that grants and foundations database is up-to-date and accurate;
  • Maintain records of all foundation interactions e.g. grant agreements, report requirements or documentation of calls and meetings;
  • Process grant agreements and acknowledge all gifts from foundations on a timely basis;
  • Conduct targeted research to identify new institutional funders and help to develop strategies for cultivation and solicitation;
  • Grow the existing portfolio of funders to ensure that Youth Speaks maintains a diverse portfolio of funders to mitigate against over-dependency on certain funders, and to fully support Youth Speaks’ expanding programs;
  • Represent Youth Speaks at local and regional nonprofit business development events;
  • Present grant-related fundraising updates to Youth Speaks’ staff and Board of Directors;
  • Support general fundraising activities, as needed;
  • Support program staff by attending and assisting at local Youth Speaks events;
  • Perform other duties as assigned
Required Qualifications:
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience in nonprofit development field
  • Minimum 3-4 years experience with proposal writing and grants management (gained in a nonprofit or academic environment)
  • Demonstrated success in securing institutional gifts
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills
  • Strong computer skills (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and ability to independently compose donor letters and email communications
  • Experience with prospect research for institutional giving
  • Strong proofreading skills and good attention to detail
  • Experience with basic project management and workflow re-design
  • Database experience, preferably Salesforce CRM
  • Ability to create program budgets for grant applications strongly desired
  • Ability to make clear and compelling presentations to staff and Board
  • Knowledge of local, regional and national funders in Youth Speaks’ program areas, desired
  • Position involves lifting, carrying, and walking up stairs
Benefits: This is a part-time position with a benefits package that includes health and dental benefits and vacation/holiday/sick pay. EEO/AA: Youth Speaks is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage and seek applications from women, people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Applicants shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, or medical conditions. Reasonable accommodation will be made so that qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process. Please advise in writing of special needs at the time of application. To Apply: Please send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and salary requirements to by no later June 30, 2013. In subject line, please write: Grants Manager.  No calls please!

Teen Poetry Slam Finals in the Huffington Post

Unless you have teens in your family or work with them in some capacity, it's easy to lose touch with what being a young person is like. But as the true cliche goes, the youth are the future, and if one cares about the future, without some direct experience of young people, the future becomes even more abstract. Most television programming tells us next to nothing about adolescent reality today, being based on marketing values and stereotypes. News media tell us mostly about worst-case episodes and trends. The result is that too many adults become basically clueless about what teens face in life today. This is one reason I try to go to the local Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam every year. Last week's event, held in San Francisco, was part of the 16th annual "Grand Slam Finals," in which 13 young poets, winnowed down from over a hundred, compete in front of a large crowd to be one of five going to the national championship event in July. The competition is open to any youth 13-19 years old in the greater Bay Area, and as last evening's MC Josh Healy put it, "Teachers might encourage a promising poet to compete, and the poet might first think 'well, at least it might be a way to get out of class' -- but then wind up here in front of thousands." Poets reading their work are graded by a star panel of judges and the tallied votes determine who moves forward to the next round. Read rest of the article here

Tree City Legends

Date: February 16-March 3 | Thurs.-Sat. | 8:00pm | $20-$25 Ticket Link: Location: 925 Mission St., #109, San Francisco, CA 94103
Intersection for the Arts presents TREE CITY LEGENDS: the world premiere of a new performance by emerging playwright/musician Dennis Kim, directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, and the third installment of Intersection for the Arts’ and Resident Theatre Company Campo Santo’s Next series. Tree City Legends is a multidisciplinary theater work that melds post-hip hop aesthetics, urban folklore, Korean traditional tales, live music, legend, and parable. It is all together, part bildungsroman, part blues song, and part Book of Jonah remix. Biblical imagery, multi-perspective narrative, and a sense of longing underpin the main character, Junie’s story. These elements haunt Junie’s rise and demise as a folk-singing sensation and eventual escapist. The bitter realities of the neighborhood block and a ghostly past loom in the background as a family of brothers struggles to make sense of a world that was not made with them in mind. The piece expands beyond any specific Korean American experience and explores the profound feelings of rootlessness and abandonment of urban people of color, specifically Asian Pacific Islander American immigrants in tracing the lives of the Kane brothers. FEATURING: Juan Amador (a.k.a. Wonway Posibul) Dennis Kim Taiyo Na Sean San José Dirty Boots (live music: James Dumlao, Rachel Lastimosa, Gyasi Ross) Creative Collaborative Team: Alejandro Acosta Melvign Badiola Christina Dinkel Noelle Durant Ben Fisher Pak Han Tanya Orellana Joan Osato Darl Andrew Packard Tree City Legends Community Altar Celebrate and share the memories of events and people that are important to us. Bring your photos, cards, poems, memories, and gifts to help build a community altar and pay tribute to those who have passed. This community altar will serve as an evolving and open memorial on the set of Tree City Legends. We invite you to add gifts to the altar in honor of your loved ones over the course of the performance.

Word On The Street: Gambling Addiction

GAMBLING ADDICTION A poem written and performed by Gretchen Carvajal  Mama and Papa, You’ve been hiding from my poetry slams. You still haven’t watched a full show, Still haven’t told me that my voice sounds just like my grandmother’s, Cuz you’re too busy gambling to the point where slot machine jackpots are drowning the childhood you have cashed out of me. Your arms so swollen from pulling machine levers But still isn’t strong enough to push my hair out of my face When I’m crying, If my tears sounded like dropping quarters will you pay more attention? I’m done tolerating your poker face, Great parents are only as good as their last transaction, That’s all it ever was for you. See distance we have created like card table to tacky casino carpet Can’t you see my papier-mâché heart cracking at every shut door? Or are you really that blinded by dollar signs and triple 7s? Too numb never feeling phantom hugs that happen every evening Too numb never sense my heartstrings popping out of pitch with every ring of that casino But not numb enough to count numbers of dollars they lose, I’m choking on my own fear of confronting you. Can’t muster up the courage to tell you To Stop Loving the feel of fuzzy card tables, The site of neon lights The sound of the ringing addiction More than you love me. Sometimes I wonder if you think of me when you’re gambling, Do you see my face in Chinese mahjong characters? Or do you see my tuition being paid off with every poker chip you win? Can you sense my reflection behind cards? This Roulette spin has become more than just a game, It has transformed into the roll the dice relationship called us, I have been trying to play peek-a-boo with our memories for the last 5 years, Does it excite you? That you’re blind betting our relationship away? I’m beyond exhausted at the thought of eating take-out like it’ll cover the cost of you leaving, The last minute deliveryman is starting to look like a foster parent, Ready to take back your neglected investments I am not a part time job, I am your child. And I’ve spent too many days wondering, If you smile around me as much as you smile around money, Too many nights asking myself if I’m not worth your time, Having to compete with your attention like Franklin, Washington, and Hamilton were my over achieving siblings, I’ve spent too many days where you called in the morning telling me you’re in traffic when I hear blackjack giggles in the background, It hurts that you think I’m that dumb. If you wanted me to act like an ignorant bystander All you had to do was ask. I’ll build you a bridge, From here to your casino out of my limbs, And maybe I’ll feel it when you come and go. Cuz lately I have felt nothing, Core numbing by the doorstep where I kiss you goodbye, Maybe if I change my name to jackpot, You’ll realize that all the riches in the world Are right in front of you.

My Silence Lives…

My silence has not protected me. Your silence will not protect you. But for every real word spoken, for every attempt I ever made to speak those truths for which I am still seeking, I had made contact…
-- Audre Lorde

January 26, 2012. Youth Speaks Center. Poet Mentor: Isa Nakazawa.

Today we wrote about where silence lives on the body: behind our knees, in the tremble of our hands, in the pit of our stomach. We talked about the use of language and voice in exposing our silence(s) around painful moments we often forget or bury in the past. In reading Audre Lorde’s quote, we took seriously the idea that our silence does not protect us but rather keeps us playing hide and seek with the truth. In an attempt to break our silence, we wrote poems affirming why we write and who (or what) we write for. Here is what Allison Kephart, 17 years old, from Oceana wrote:

My story is for the depths of the ocean the breath that I lack when I feel burdened the fear that grapples the legs of children as they try to run away it's for your eyes and mine to collide on understanding's halo

I come from still peace in the midst on an empire's downfall the bravery of an unknown someone in the face of mystery I come from darkness into light as I cease to be frightened due to my aliveness I come from the past, it's sure to be our future

My eyes see the unseen to the best of their ability they see the pain that lies unwritten on your face but folded into the wrinkles of your forehead you can't hide it My eyes see the way you lie at night unable to sleep because of the panic you breathe in your dreams they see the condensation that gathers in your eyes as you stare into the future still hoping

My silence lives in my ears the constant ringing of nothing echoing so strongly they tremble my silence abides in your skin the way it's absorbed and sinks in it's at home in the tree carried there by the breeze which gives it the sound of nothing My silence breathes in sound it is the space between us which vibrates to be complete

My voice screams to fill the gaps where bridges should be the loneliness of being it cries for the hurt of other's living the burden of being it demands for the safety that hasn't come yet and invisible net securing in it's obscurity My voice dreams of a day when silence is a scream that turns the ears of whisperers to the sound.

And I Survive Like This…

January 25, 2012. Youth Speaks Center. Poet Mentor: Isa Nakazawa.

Today we wrote about the wars we fight everyday. There is power in both naming the struggles we encounter and imagining strategies for survival. Before we approached the page, we opened up a collective dialogue about our fears and dreams; the forces against us and the tools we possess to fight back. We talked about everything from the over bearing expectation’s of our loved ones to the urgency of California’s education crisis. We agreed that our ability to wield the power of language is a weapon capable of transforming despair into possibility -- we can reclaim what has been taken from us by writing our stories and speaking them back into the world. Here is a poem from one of our emergent voices, Sarah O’Neal, 16: I live in a lie compartmentalized separate states of being i don't know the real me when there are so many old habits die hard evolved into zombies apocalyptic fighting the first steps to real change is acknowledgement caught in a vicious cycle aren't I facing it by writing it? the change hasn't come and I’m not one to be patient i've fooled the ones I hold closest sometimes myself repeated so many times it becomes truth this wasn't the plan to be a disappointment a person of words with no action to back it [separator type="invisible"] [space height="40"] [one_third] 1. Every day I go to war in remembrance cuz once upon a time, it was different fantasy gives me hope utopias are intellectual therapy but my heart won’t cope when race is still the basis of day to day experience I go to war for the day social justice is attained elimination of racism neighborhoods will desegregate and our schools will be rainbows vibrant unification of each shade nothing is ugly different, weird, or obscure faces of beauty I fight for my brother who will never reminisce on his last meal our pangs of hunger make us stronger our peoples history empowering endeavors so we fight on united in struggle and we fight on [/one_third] [one_third] 2. Because I am most like sapphire waves colliding against sand continuously departing silent promises of return gifts left scattered seashells adorn souls this is distant me in reality I am strangled by hopes and dreams stolen speaking in circles forgetting I am lost in the maze that built this concrete jungle [/one_third] [one_third_last] 3. And I survive Through my heritage Protector of my lineage My ancestors guarded me bearing the physical pain the crack of masters whips echo in my veins scars inherited fade with each generation but never forgotten at times I'm forgetful but their strength is forever engraved into these fists built for fighting [/one_third_last]