Brave New Voices Housing and Registration FAQs

Where is the Brave New Voices Festival being held this year? When?

The 2017 Brave New Voices Festival is happening from July 19-22, 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area. All teams must arrive on July 19th by 2pm and will check out by 12pm on July 23rd. Housing will be at SF State.

What is the difference between the BNV application and BNV registration?

The first step to participate in the Brave New Voices Festival is to apply as an organization to participate in the Festival as either a competing or a non-competing team. Once we receive your application, we will follow up with details and your organization will become a part of the BNV Network if you are not already.

Registration consists of two parts: payment and forms.

While most of these festival costs are subsidized by Youth Speaks, every team attending Brave New Voices is required to pay a fee to help cover housing, food, and local transportation costs. Fees are based on a sliding scale per organizational size and also based on type of participation in the Festival. Individuals can not register for Brave New Voices.

Once we receive your application and we confirm your participation, each team is required to fill out registration forms for each member who will attend. Below is the information you are expected to have when filling out the registration forms for each member of your team:

  • Personal/Individual Information including basic demographic information, contact information, social media, and a photo for identification
  • Team Information including names of coach/chaperone, roommate preferences, and t-shirt size
  • Medical Information including emergency contact information, general medical history, allergies/dietary needs, and health insurance information (optional)
  • Forms to be signed: Permission form (for youth under 18), Media Release form, BNV Standards and Behavior form, and Medical Consent form
  • Please note that the Coaches Code of Conduct will be handed out at the mandatory Coaches Webinar, happening on Wednesday April 19th at 12pm PST and Sunday May 7th at 12pm PST. Coaches are expected to attend at least one of these webinars.

You will not be allowed to attend the festival if these forms are not filled out. The forms are necessary both for housing and the general safety of participants during the festival.

When is payment for BNV due? How much does it cost as a competing team? As a non-competing team?

Payment for BNV is due along with your registration forms. Fees for competing teams are on a sliding scale based on organizational budget. Fees cover 7 participants** for the entirety of the Festival, and include housing, entry into all events and programs, all local transportation, and two meals per day. The breakdown is below:

If your organizational budget is:
$0 - $25,000 Registration Payment: $1,500
$25,001 - $50,000 Registration Payment: $1,750
$50,001 - $250,000 Registration Payment: $2,000
$250,001 - $500,000 Registration Payment: $2,250
$500,001 + Registration Payment: $2,500

Fees for non-competing teams and entourage are $500 per participant, including your adult chaperones. Teams can bring as many entourage as they want. For competing teams, any entourage you bring costs $500 per extra person.

**Please note that it is our policy for teams to have a 1:4 chaperone to youth ratio.

When is registration due?

Registration, which consists of completion and submission of all forms, is due on May 15th, 2017.

I don’t have health insurance, do I need to fill out that form?

Filling out the health insurance form is not mandatory, though please note that Youth Speaks, is not responsible for any hospital fees you may incur. When filling out your forms, you may leave this section blank if you do not have insurance.

Do I have to get fingerprinted?

Our festival defines a youth as being between the ages of 13-19. However, if you are aged 18 and up, you are required to have a background check as you are considered an adult according to their policy.

Send all background checks to Youth Speaks’ Administrative Assistant, Dan Anthony Angeles at Please note that wait times and prices for background checks vary from state to state, so make sure to plan accordingly.

*If you have an international participant or are an international team who is unable to get fingerprinted but has a valid VISA, we can accept that as adequate documentation for a background check.

Youth Speaks is not responsible for maintaining these records beyond the Festival. Teams and individuals are responsible for keeping a copy for their own records.

When is registration at BNV? What do I need to bring?

Registration is the first process you go through once you get to the Festival. Here, you will receive Festival information, wristbands for all participants, swag, keys to housing, as well as any other information necessary during your time at BNV.

There is not anything specifically that you will need to bring for registration, as all of your payment and forms should be in before the festival. If there is anything you will need, we will let you know before the festival.

What if I’m arriving or leaving early/late?

If you are arriving or leaving at a different time than our designated times, please let your Future Corps Ambassador as well as the Housing Team know by July 3rd, 2017. We cannot guarantee accommodating this so it is ideal for all teams to arrive at 2pm on July 19th and leave before noon on July 23rd.

If there is a last minute issue, such as a flight delay, please notify Bayana or Monica as well as your Future Corps Ambassador so that we can make sure to have your materials at late registration.

Suggestions for packing/preparation?

Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, clothes, and a good travel bag especially for our Community Service Day. The specifics of this year’s Community Service Day are still being determined, but participants will be informed as soon as possible how best to prepare.

Also, there is no requirement to bring dressy/nice clothes, however sometimes participants choose to dress fancier for the Grand Slam Finals, or the Closing Party.

You will be given water bottles and be encouraged to fill them up in your free time.

Please bring:
Any allergy medicine you may need
Comfortable Shoes
Bring a sweater (seriously, you’ll need it!)

What are the slam rules?

You can find the full breakdown of BNV slam rules at the Brave New Voices website. Any further questions regarding slam can be directed to the Festival Director and the Slam Master.

Festival Director: Natasha Huey (
Slam Master: Devin Samuels (

What is the schedule for BNV?

For information on the festival, you can generally go to the Brave New Voices website. The site will be updated every two weeks as locations and venues are confirmed.

I am having trouble with the BNV registration website. Who do I contact?

If you are having technical issues with BNV registration and payment, please contact Nick James at


Registration closes - May 15th
Forms due for non-competing teams - May 29th
Last Changes Deadline - June 30th

Staff Contacts
Festival Director: Natasha Huey (
Housing and Registration: Bayana Davis & Monica Davidson (
Slam Master: Devin Samuels (
Web/Tech: Nick James (

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