Get Lit Launches New Series about Political Climate!

Get Lit is launching an exciting new WEEKLY series, featuring a brand new poet/poem every single week reflecting on what has happened in the world post-election: cultural, legal, the new secretary of education, etc.

The poems will be written every Wednesday, shot every Thursday, and go live every Friday.

We hope the poets will make people think. Think about what we're hearing, what resonates, what feels true. Awareness is powerful. And we can all fight for truth, together.

We welcome all feedback and thoughts, however diverse, in the comments section. But we also feel it our duty, and the core of our mission, to let the poets speak their minds in these critical, history-making times.

To join this movement to celebrate free thought, please watch - and if you like the idea, share this video on all your social pages and with all of your loved ones.

We truly appreciate your support!




Brave New Voices

Brave New Voices