In 2009 BNV was held in Chicago, and Young Chicago Authors offered the MC Olympics as a model for engaging rappers in the poetry community.  In our 5th year of offering this event at BNV, we are bringing it back to Chicago with hopes of having the biggest MC Olympic Event to date.  This Olympic Style MC competition features the best 13 – 19 year old MCs at the Brave New Voices Festival. Participants are required to demonstrate a diversity of lyrical skills including but not limited to free styling, ripping their best 16 bars, or writing a verse on the spot. The MC Olympics requires versatility, dexterity, vocabulary, and most of all skills. MCs from cities across the United States and Overseas often participate in a multi-round competition that eventually lands the finalists on stage in front of the entire BNV community ripping the mic and repping their truth. A fast track to Brave New Voices Glory, the BNV MC Olympics features guest performances from the hottest local Hip Hop in every city we visit.  This year we are hoping that all of the participating Organizations at BNV will bring with them the best and brightest young MC in their city.  We really want the competition to represent the best of the best and we want to encourage young rappers who may or may not write poetry, that their art form is serious and is recognized and celebrated by the BNV Community.