Authoring Action

Authoring Action was founded to develop teen authors who create original written works from life stories and societal predicaments. We develop forums in collaboration with professional artists to engage the world through spoken word on stage and screen, and in design and publication.

Our determination is ~
to empower ourselves with tools for self-development and vocational choice;
to empower ourselves as an ensemble through the Arts and Impact Communication;
to empower ourselves to exercise our civic, social and economic rights and to educate and re-educate our evolving society.

Whenever we engage you ~
Our determination is to mean everything we say and do.
Our determination is to rock your world and move you towards change.
We can only do that if we are daring, sincere, honest and willing to share who we are.
We are Authoring Action!

Contact Information

Authoring Action
624 West Sixth Street, Suite 150
Winston-Salem NC, 27101
Telephone: (336) 749-1317
Main Contact
Lynn Rhoades, Co-Founder & Executive Director
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