Big Thought – DaVerse Lounge Program

Our MissionTo make imagination a part of everyday learning.

Our Vision: We envision communities where every learner is immersed every day in opportunities to imagine, create and succeed.

DaVerse Lounge Program: Youth need a place to say what they think and express who they are. Youth need a welcoming community of adults and peers that celebrate their uniqueness, and encourage purposeful, clear thinking and expression.

DaVerse Works is a spoken word performance and youth development program for middle and high school students, providing a safe haven for self-expression. The program integrates a formal curriculum—that teaches critical literacy skills through spoken word and poetry—with open-mic showcases for teens and young adults.

Led by DaVerse Lounge founder, Will Richey, creative arts educators who specialize in spoken word have developed the DaVerse Works curriculum, and train educators and other teaching artists on how to effectively deliver the poetry curriculum to teens. DaVerse participants, ranging in age from 11-21 years old, take part in poetry clubs or workshops where they develop pieces that can earn them a performance spot at DaVerse Lounge events.

Each DaVerse Lounge combines open-mic spoken word with a five piece jazz ensemble that improvises behind the young poet presenters. The event also features interactive art stations from local professional artists, including painters, sculptors, digital media artists and DJs.

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Big Thought – DaVerse Lounge Program
1409 S Lamar St
Dallas TX, 75215
Telephone: (469) 621-8976
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