Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. (JYPS)

Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. exists to ensure that the Jacksonville youth have a supportive, dynamic and challenging community in which to discover their powerful voices- through written and spoken word- and use them to express their views, strengthen self esteem and engage them in opportunities that address the various sociopolitical issues that affect them.

Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. provides opportunities to youth in Jacksonville, Florida. Our workshops are designed to develop critical thinking skills, leadership, and to ignite a personal commitment to growth and learning which leads to heightened school performance, and a greater interest in pursuing higher education.

Our vision is to build a community of young leaders who, through self awareness and enhanced critical thought, help alter the socio-economic pathway constructed for inner-city youth, from one of marginalization toward one of empowerment, tolerance and social responsibility. We promote student-centered learning through active literacy and positive social dialogue across boundaries of age, race gender and culture.

We look to build core competences in youth that are critical, build literacy skills and cultivate literacy, build effective oral and written communication skills through language arts among at-risk teens, and inspire children to relate through language.

Contact Information

Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. (JYPS)
5800 Beach Blvd., Ste. 203/261
Jacksonville FL, 32207
Telephone: (904) 502-7444
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