Scout Film Festival

A 501c3 non-profit organization, the mission of Scout Film Festival is to encourage creative work, connect young filmmakers with their peers and celebrate the open expression of today’s youth through film.

Scout Film Festival (Scout)—is an annual international event that celebrates teen filmmakers through short film. Every year, Scout launches an open call to teen filmmakers worldwide. All films are written, produced and directed by filmmakers 18 and under.

Located in Stowe, Vermont—Scout produces a 3-day event in June of each year to honor the passion, talent and accomplishments of these young storytellers by showcasing their films. As part of the celebration, Scout organizes an opening reception, an awards ceremony, and a networking brunch. Additionally, to further support the attending filmmakers, Scout coordinates a series of educational programs with industry partners that include workshops and talks.

Most importantly, working with and for these young artists over the past year(s) has given us such great insight and focus of mission to be their advocate, to continue to offer a stage upon which their voices are amplified, unified and celebrated.

Scout is dedicated to supporting and educating our energetic next generation of thinkers, creators, and leaders making for exciting possibilities in collaboration with the BNV Network.

Contact Information

Scout Film Festival
PO Box 342
Stowe VT, 05672
Telephone: (617) 834-9474
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