University of Orange – A Free Peoples’ Organization

Orange Speaks!
" Orange Speaks," a program through the University of Orange, is designed to give 13 to 18-year-old students and young adults (18 +) an outlet for their poetic performance creativity while addressing topics of importance to themselves, to the community, and to empower, promote, and contribute to a just society.

"Orange Speaks" is aligned to ORNG Ink - a Studio for Emerging Artist, as a program of the University of Orange. For more information visit the University of Orange website.

The University of Orange
A free people’s university that builds collective capacity for people to create more equitable cities. We solve the problems of our world by learning to see the richness of our cities, becoming lifelong learners, participating in civic life, and having fun with our neighbors.

The University of Orange offers free classes, urbanism courses, and annual events. We are always working on projects, exploring ways that we can create tools for more just cities and practice joyful urbanism in the places we live.

...the University of Orange is known as a fun, free university that facilitates Orange residents and their neighbors teaching and learning from each other. We promote involvement in and influence on city governance through our graduation requirements and course offerings. We communicate our brand of urbanism, based on neighborhood stability, equity, collective well-being and joy. We regularly convene celebratory and educational events, such as placemaking, neighborhood tours, and urbanism summits. We involve Orange’s youth intrinsically in our programs.

Contact Information

University of Orange – A Free Peoples’ Organization
329 Highland Ave
Orange NJ, 07050
Telephone: (973) 768-0493
Main Contact
Aubrey Murdock or Molly Kaufman
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