viBe Theater Experience

viBe Theater Experience (viBe) is a non-profit performing arts/ education organization that empowers teenage girls through the creation and production of original performances.

We provide a safe space for girls (ages 13-19) to write, create and perform collaborative performances about real-life issues as they express their unique voices, foster meaningful relationships, take on challenges and gain the self-confidence to succeed personally, socially and academically. Our free programs and productions inspire teenage girls to work together and direct, publish, record and perform in art forms including theater, dance, poetry and music. Since 2002, viBe has been arming our girls with the tools of creativity so that they can inspire our communities and transform themselves. Our shows attract diverse audiences as we are not only cultivating new voices, but also new listeners.

Our programs build skills and experiences that empower teenage girls to develop their creative voices while building trust, responsibility, empathy, self-confidence, leadership skills and mutual respect.

Contact Information

viBe Theater Experience
P.O. Box 359
Brooklyn NY, 11217
Telephone: (917) 541-6269
Main Contact
Toya Lillard
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