Young Writers Project, Inc.

Youths must be able to express themselves with clarity, skill and power if they are to succeed in school and college, thrive in the workplace, be active in their communities and tackle the major global problems ahead. To this end, Young Writers Project (YWP) develops effective methods to help youths find and explore their own ideas, share with peers and mentors and present their best work to affirming audiences. YWP programs give youths confidence, help them understand the importance of digital literacy and show them that writing is not only an essential skill but also that it can be fun.

Our work is rooted in a respectful, youth-led online community,, where young people gain perspective from their differences and acquire new media communication skills from peers, mentors and experts and affirmation from publication of best work in newspapers, on radio and TV, on valued Web sites and in YWP's own publications, including a monthly digital magazine at the

YWP supports its work with live online learning experiences, in-person workshops, events and special projects, including a statewide poetry slam program.

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Young Writers Project, Inc.
47 Maple St.
Suite 106
Burlington VT, 05401
Telephone: (802) 324-9537
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