What is SPOKES? SPOKES is the Youth Speaks' youth advisory board. SPOKES is in charge of various projects such as running the Under 21 Open Mics, helping facilitate the Teen Poetry Slam, getting mentorship with staff, learning how to lead workshops, and more. Along with all these amazing opportunities, SPOKES members receive a yearly stipend as part of their paid internship.
Eligibility for Applicants:
  • Must be 13-19. If you're 18, you are only eligible to be on SPOKES for a maximum of 2 years.
  • If you are in High School, you are allowed to be on SPOKES for a maximum of 3 years, plus 1 possible extra year after you graduate.
  • Must be willing to commit to regular Youth Speaks events, monthly Spokes meetings, two open mic’s per month, workshops, and additional events that arise throughout the year.
Application Process:
  • Send in a copy of this application by Friday, June 6th to Fernande Legros at  flegros@youthspeaks.org
  • You will then receive word if you are asked to come in for an interview, which will take place the week of in June at the Youth Speaks office. You will be interviewed by current SPOKES members and a staff member.
  • Please bring a writing sample printed and ready to perform. 
If you can, bring 4 copies. We can also copy it for you if you bring 1 in.

We are no longer accepting applications for Spokes 2014-2015. Applications for 2015-2016 Spokes will open Jan 1st.