Life is Living

LIFE IS LIVING is a campaign committed to celebrating urban life through Hip Hop, intergenerational health, and social and environmental action. Life is Living establishes a new model for partnerships between diverse and under-resourced communities, green action agencies and the contemporary arts world.

The campaign involves establishing national partnerships with hyper local arts, health, education, and environmental agencies working in collaboration with each other. This is an arts place making project designed to produce a myriad of arts and education projects for the benefit of local municipalities and specific blighted urban spaces. Life is Living is a project of Youth Speaks, known for creating safe spaces for young people to find, develop, present and apply their voices, as agents of social change.

Youth Speaks has hosted this project in partnership with organizations in New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and most extensively in Oakland, Ca. In 2015 we have hosted a mini winter festival in Oakland, Life is Loving, and are planning three additional Festivals including:

2015 Life Is Living
Life is Loving Oakland (February)
Life is Living at Brave New Voices in Atlanta (July 18),
Life is Living Presents: HoodStock (July 25)
The 8th Annual Life is Living Festival in Oakland (October 11).