Saturday, October 8th
deFremery Park “Little Bobby Hutton Park”
1651 Adeline Street, West Oakland, CA

The 9th Annual Life is Living Festival

In honor of how music and dance have helped sustain life in our city, this year Life is Living will feature many of the best DJ’s, dancers, dance companies, and music happening in Oakland. Included in this exhibition will be interactive opportunities for attendees of all ages to engage and participate in live Dance classes, Health and Beauty Zones, Childrens Activities, Karl Watson Skate Day at Town Park and live Hip Hop Performances.  Also included will be live theater, Poetry from Youth Speaks and our renowned Free Breakfast Program featuring the Bigger Picture Project and other special guests.

Washington, DC

July 16th
Brave New Voices
Words, Beats & Life

Philadelphia, PA

July 23rd
Philly Urban Creators

Norfolk, Virginia

September 3rd

Oakland, Bay Area

October 8th
Youth Speaks

Life is Living: What’s it about?

Oakland is Fly 2015


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