Our Values

We believe in messages that include crimes against human life as important to focus on as crime against other forms of life in our world. We believe in messages that include environmental crimes against communities like West Oakland & the South Bronx to be just as pressing as those in the Western Arctic & the Southern Amazon.

We believe that due to the work of great environmental activists and green economy supporters, the dominate narrative has improved with regards to it’s relevancy to youth. Still, this narrative isn’t as accessible as it can be, and it will take brave new voices to creatively tell stories of new perspectives and points of view.

We know as a matter of historical fact, that youth have long histories of actively caring about LIFE. We value the innovations of those encouraging all inclusive methods of “going green” that can be easily implemented. We look to have, as an end-result, a series of performative non-fiction essays in which the ethos of environmental justice & racism are deconstructed as the result of historical facts, rather than inherent or implicit conditions of the human temperament.

Real Possibilities
We believe in messages tied to the reality of what people in urban communities are making possible. We encourage shining light those actively adopting alternatives that can enhance the quality of their lives.