Photo curated by Nick “Free” James {more} & Rolando “Grow” Brown {more}

Words by Christopher “C+” Mueller {more} & Rolando “Grow” Brown {more}

Tweet by Marc Bamuthi Joseph

@KebaKonte+ growing vegetables and fish together = environmental action. #lifeisliving

A revolutionary urban garden system mimics nature to grow vegetables and fish together, combining aqua-culture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing vegetables without soil).

Keba Konte, one of Kijiji’s founders, brings aquaponics to the Life is Living Festival on Sunday to improve life with a live construction demo of the urban, sustainable growing system. Though Keba is working independantly of Kijiji Grows at this time, Kijiji Grows began as a collaboration of aquaponic specialists–including farmers, artists, engineers, builders and educators–who advocate for aquaponic gardening.

Check out Keba and co-founder Eric Maundu explain the aquaponic garden system:

Come learn the benefits of this agricultural concept and watch Keba Konte build an auqaponic garden system this Sunday, October 3rd at 11am in Defremery Park, 1651 Adeline Street in Oakland, CA.

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