Philadelphia, PA

In 2015, Life is Living Philadelphia was born in partnership with Philly Urban Creators (PUC), and the youth and organizers of the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival. Alumni of BNV, having experienced Life is Living in Chicago 2009, were inspired to program a mini community festival on the 2 acre farm owned and operated by PUC. With support of the over 600 youth participants at BNV, and hundreds of community members from Philadelphia, the first annual “HoodStock Festival” was born, featuring live performances, an expansive marketplace, public art, and a huge community service project that included building patio gardens, weeding empty lots, picking up trash and beautifying spaces.

Leaders from PUC spent a year after the festival learning the pedagogical principles of Youth Speaks, formally joining the Brave New Voices Initiative , and practicing the organizing principles of Life is Living. This work has included organizing a Life is Living Festival in Atlanta as part of BNV2015, and the second annual Hood Stock Festival in Philadelphia.

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