The Panther Project


The Life is Living Panther Project is a community art installation led by Oakland based visual artist Keba Konte, as part of the Reflections of Healing Mural Exhibition at Little Bobby Hutton aka Defremery Park. The project consists of tying ribbons on a fence and is meant to be interactive, allowing many people in the Life is Living community to have a hand in both beautifying the park and sustaining life in Oakland. The image of the panther is a tribute to the Black Panther Party, which held many events in the park.

The Panther installation days are coupled with the Life is Living Community Meetings. These meetings are planning spaces for the 2014 festival, and also help to maintain the community conversation about what sustains life in West Oakland. Breakfast is always available at these morning gatherings, as participants are encouraged to break bread, network, dialogue, and collaborate.

We are looking for volunteers to come out and help with the Panther Project on the second Saturday of every month until the 2014 Life is Living Festival on October 11. We need people to help tie ribbons on the fence in order to complete the mural. We are also encouraging anyone who wants to participate in the Festival to come through to these community events. All ages are welcome.