Requests for Proposals: Emerging Arts Fellowship

Emerging Arts Fellowship

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November 17, 2014

Requests for Proposals: Emerging Arts Fellowship

REPORTS TO: Producing Director and Artistic Director of Theatre Programs

DIVISION: National Program of Youth Speaks, Inc.




Youth Speaks Announces:
Emerging Arts Fellowship Program

Youth Speaks is selecting our inaugural pool of Emerging Arts Fellows, a two ­year professional development program in the San Francisco Bay Area open to alumni of the Brave New Voices Network.

The Emerging Arts Fellowship includes an annual stipend of $34,000 plus an optional one­time relocation stipend, health care benefits, and significant training and support. Emerging Arts Fellows work 4 days per week in a combination program where they receive artistic and leadership training and help to produce the National Performance Programs of the organization.

Fellows will be trained to be fluent in Youth Speaks’ mission, pedagogy, and philosophical frameworks, and be integrated into all National programs serving young people. Fellows will be trained in all aspects of presenting and producing new performance works for the stage. Fellows may facilitate writing and performance workshops, and serve as mentors to youth, but their primary role is to integrate local emerging artists into this initiatives, hone their performance practice, and work to continue to develop the tenets of the Youth Speaks performance pedagogy and practice. Fellows are the catalysts in the formation of new performance language and a new performance ensemble company.

These individuals operate at the highest standard, and represent Youth Speaks publicly with multiple constituents. They are fully integrated into the Youth Speaks staff framework, including working with Program Directors with wide knowledge in the field. Fellows must demonstrate a proven commitment to excellence in both their leadership abilities and their craft as writers, performers and collaborative partners. They are professional and timely in their interactions with our staff and partners and support evaluations and assessments of programs. As staff members, Fellows attend all staff meetings, participate in fundraising and organizational development activities, and serve as models to participants in local and national programs, as well as to their peers inside and outside of the organization.

After the end of their Fellowship, Fellows will receive a formal Youth Speaks commendation, which they can take with them throughout their career.

Fellows will report directly to the Producing Director and the Artistic Director of Theatre Programs.


Founded in 1996 in San Francisco, Youth Speaks is a multi­faceted organization that understands and believes thatthe power, insight, creativity, and passion of young people can change the world. In addition to a wide variety of arts education, youth development, and civic engagement programs that serve thousands each year in the Bay Area, we are the founders and creative forces behind The Living Word Project ­ a repertory theater company that commissions, produces and tours internationally ­recognized new work in new aesthetics ­ and Brave New Voices, an annual event and a national network of young poets and youth development organizations centered around the principle that the voices of young people matter.

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Additional Information

The Fellowship will provide a few talented individuals the chance to work closely with a strong diverse staff in the field of arts education, youth development, civic engagement and artistic presentation. Each Fellow will be responsible, in concert with the National team, for the successful planning, execution, oversight, and review of National programs.


The Emerging Arts Fellowship benefits package includes health and dental benefits and vacation/holiday/sick pay.

Term of Fellowship
The Emerging Arts Fellowship is a 2­year, impermanent position at Youth Speaks.


Youth Speaks is an equal opportunity employer. As with all of our positions, we strongly encourage and seek applications from women, people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Job applicants and staff shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, or medical conditions.

Eligibility Requirements for Artist Fellows

● Applicants must live in the United States.

● Applicants cannot be enrolled in an Undergraduate Program, or Graduate Program during the term of the


● Commission must support a new work and a 2 year commitment to the Fellowship

● Applicants should be prepared to move to the Bay Area for the duration of the Fellowship. Applicants may

not work remotely during the Fellowship.

● Applicants need a recommendation by an Lead Member/Staff Member of a Brave New Voices Network

organization in current good standing as of 12/1/14 (please email if you are not sure

if your recommending organization is a Network organization). Applicants must have participated as a

youth with one of the BNV Network organizations.

● Applicants from all artistic disciplines, that can demonstrate that they are emerging artists through practical

experience in their discipline(s), academic or professional training, or a combination of both working

experience and training.

● Applicants must be over the age of 19 at the time of the Deadline on December 31, 2014. PLEASE NOTE


If you have any questions about eligibility, please send an email to No Calls please.

Application Information

Please combine your application and attachments and send as one PDF to Please refer to the application checklist on your cover sheet; incomplete applications cannot be reviewed by the panel.

I. Application Cover Sheet (On a one page document)

1. Last Name, First Name, Middle

2. Address, City, State, Zip

3. Your Email

4. Your Phone

5. Your Date of Birth

6. Name of Recommending Organization

7. Recommending Staff Member (Last Name, First Name, Title, Email, Phone)

8. Completed, or Checked off Application Checklist (Below)

Application Checklist

❏ Application Cover Sheet

❏ Narrative (2 pages)

❏ Applicant Budget Page

❏ Applicant Resume or Biography

❏ Applicant Work Sample with Written Description

❏ (Please provide us with a .mp4, .mp3 or .mov format via email, dropbox, yousendit/hightail, or weblink)

❏ Letter of Recommendation from Leadership of a Brave New Voices Network organization

❏ Applicant letter of recommendation from one person in their field

II. Narrative responding to the questions below (2 pages)

Please respond to the following questions in your narrative pages:

a. Tell us about yourself. What are your experiences and history with Brave New Voices as a youth participant and how did that impact you? How does that inform this application?

b. Please tell us about your aesthetic as an emerging artist. What discipline do you work in, and how can a Fellowship advance you in that field? What experience do you have in the performance or presenting field.

c. Please tell us about relevant work history in the nonprofit field if any.

d. What projects are you working on currently and into the near future (next 2 years)? ie: Do you have touring or other work commitments, etc.

e. How do you see your community and your culture reflected in your work, or how would you like to see this reflected in your work. Why you? and Why now?

III. Applicant Budget*

Please fill out this detailed budget (EAF Budget) which includes the following information:

a. What are your projected moving expenses in order to relocate? Please list.

b. Are you currently employed, or do you have funds to cover your relocation? Please list.

c. Please estimate your monthly budget. Expense categories are included, but you may add any categories not covered.

* This budget is meant as a tool for the applicant, and does not affect the review of the applicant’s other material. It should be completed and submitted with your application. To use the Budget:

1. Go to the link EAF Budget.

2. With the EAF Budget open, GO to FILE.

3. GO to EMAIL AS ATTACHMENT. A window will pop up.

4. GO to ATTACH AS, and from the pull down menu choose Microsoft Excel.

5. Insert your email and send.

6. In your email, download the file.

7. Fill out the form and save it as “Last Name_EAF Budget”

V. Artist Resume or Biography (no more than 2 pages)

VI. Artists’ Work Sample

a. Please submit 1­2 appropriate samples accompanied with a description of the artist(s)’ work

b. Music and video must be queued to no more than 3 minutes (Please provide us with a .mp4 or .mov format via

email, dropbox, yousendit/hightail, or mailed CD).

c. Please send photos via PowerPoint with one photo per slide (20 Slides maximum)

d. Please send written samples via email in word or pdf (20 Pages Maximum)

e. Create a document with a description of the materials you are sending for review. Title, Year Created, Artist, How the sample is relevant to the Fellowship (1 paragraph per Sample). If you are sending web links to your material, you can insert the link in the page. Please make sure your links are currently working.)

VII. Please attach a signed letter of recommendation from the Leadership or Staff Member of a Brave New Voices Network organization on official letterhead. (see list of Organizations via this link)**1

VIII. Please attach one signed letter of professional recommendation from a colleague in your field on their official letterhead (if affiliated with an organization or institution).

How To Apply

Please email proposal as one PDF to Work samples may be submitted via email, dropbox,

yousendit/hightail, or via online links: In the Subject Line please put “LAST NAME_EAF_2015”

If you are having trouble with PDF Submissions, please contact us!

EAF Review Process

The deadline for this round of grants is December 31, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. A panel will review proposals. We will contact applicants with any questions the panelists may have about your application. Announcement of Fellows will be now be in January, 2015. The Fellowship start date is slated for no later than February 2, 2015.

Artists will have approximately 14 days from the notification date to the start of the Fellowship to coordinate their move to the Bay Area. The program directors will make best efforts to assist you in locating housing and services should you be accepted as an Emerging Arts Fellow.

* Funding for the EAF has been generously supported by Brave New Voices Initiative, a project of Youth Speaks, Inc, Theatre Communications Group Audience (R)Evolution Program, Cutting Ball Theatre, CalShakes and our generous individual donors.

Other Information

Key Responsibilities for Emerging Arts Fellows

National Programs: Minimum 8 hours per week (this goes up during specific Production Weeks)

1. Work in tandem with National Programs staff to carry out the production of National Projects; specifically Brave New Voices Network Initiative Convenings (February), Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival (July) and Life is Living Oakland (October).

2. Production Correspondence: respond to and participate in Production Meetings before, during and post Productions

3. Review Production and technical information with Production staff and fill roles and responsibility, schedules, process and procedures of Productions as assigned by supervisor

4. Help to create manuals and materials for orientations and meetings as needed

5. Assist in distribution and posting of daily information with production staff

6. Coordinate and Oversee National Production with Producing Director and Production Staff

Leadership Training Minimum 4 hours per week average:

Arts Administration

Grants and Development

Finance and Budgeting

Producing Workshops

Marketing Workshops

Technical Trainings in Software and Systems Tools

Attendance at Conferences and Trainings (Local and National)

Artistic Development Training and Projects minimum 8 hrs per week

Pedagogy Training

Writing Workshops

Movement Workshops

Creation Workshops (ensemble & individual)

Performance Opportunities


Directing and Dramaturgy

Design for Theatre

Personal Creation Time


1 – To develop models in support of the Brave New Voices Network that create spaces for youth to apply their voices to specific issues, institutions, or environmental factors putting them and the world at risk.

2 – To build a comprehensive and institutionalized network of youth voice organizations through National Programs and Events.

3 – To contribute your voice to a 3­year Strategic Plan for the integration of the BNV Future Corps Program into organizations Nationally in the service of the BNV Network.

4 – To effectively execute campaigns that promote the work of the Fellows out into the National Field of Theatre

5 – To efficiently and effectively execute the building of a Fellow­ driven ensemble company, meeting all deliverables in a timely and outstanding manner.

6 – To further develop and codify the Youth Speaks Performance Pedagogy, integrating Common Core Standards with the Learning Objectives of Youth Speaks Workshops and Programs.

7 – To support the continued development and evolution of the Life is Living Campaign and Project locally (in Oakland) and Nationally (outside of Oakland)

8 ­ To create an original performance work during your time as Emerging Arts Fellow


BNV Network & Festival
Theatre Productions
Life is Living Campaign & Festival (Oakland)
Field Building ­Theatre

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