1. Block O Breakfast

Robin Black and The Bigger Picture Poets mock the food Industries use of deceptive marketing to trick people, especially youth, into eating unhealthy foods.


   A coalition of major manufacturers of processed foods, fast-food chains, and the media industry that depends on their advertising dollars are spending millions to derail proposed voluntary guidelines to reduce sugars, fats and salts in the diets of American youth.


Block O’ Breakfast Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What gets attention in ads? What do you think the aim is? How does advertising affect the way you, your family, and your community diets? What is the role of fast-food chains in the increase of Type II Diabetes?

Watch this Mcdonald’s commercial and discuss first reactions.


What tools do advertisers use to get your attention? How are they trying to make you feel? What images, stories or words do they use and what is their intention about how to make you feel?

Write your own commercial selling a product that is bad for the general public. Make it sound appealing. You can work as individuals or in small groups. Or create a great commercial advocating and championing for healthy food.

Share Out

Wrap Up: What are our commercials hiding and sharing? What impact do commercials and television have on our communities food choices.

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture