13. Countdown

QueenNefertiti Shabazz created a piece that talks about how stress leads us to make bad decisions that affect our health and in turn our ability to function.


   50% of African-American youth will get Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime

   Only 1 in 3 high school students attend physical education class daily and get the recommended hour per day of physical activity that they need.

   Stress can dangerously increase your blood sugar levels and damage your health.

   Exercising regularly reduces your stress and cuts your chance of getting diabetes by half.


Countdown Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What foods are most available and convenient for you in your community? who chooses what foods are in your community? How do these food get there and where do they come from?

Write out your daily schedule. What is included? When do you eat? Is this routine or does it change? At mealtimes what choices do you usually have?


How does your diet and food intake correlate with your daily activities? Does your activity level match the calories you eat? Or the calories you eat match how many you burn?

Describe the countdown to your burnout. What are all the contributing factors to your burnout? What do you have to do for the day? What are your obstacles? What are your tool and what energy do you have to run on.

Share Out

Wrap Up:
Who is responsible for keeping us uninformed about the dangers of Type 2 diabetes? How do they keep us uniformed?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture