5. Farm Living

Robin Black discusses the way in which people are farmed by being fed industrialized food.  This punishing monologue provides insight into the relationship between the food industry and sickness.


   94% of all marketing activities…high fat high sugar foods.

   Nearly 1 in 4 youth have prediabetes…50%…at greater risk of developing full blown diabetes within five years.


Farm Living Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What does the word food mean to you? What is your impression of farming? What ways are you being farmed?

Make a chart, graph or illustration about the things you are being farmed and where they come from. The Factory? The store? The farm? Describe or draw the process it takes to get to you.


What images from the video were most daunting and why?What was the most shocking statement made?

What are we being fed?

Share Out

Wrap Up:
How does knowing the truth affect your choices?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture