9. Health Justice Manifesto

Jade Cho leads The Bigger Picture Poets in a collective pledge of commitment to ending this epidemic and challenging the systems and institutions that support its growth and spread.


Health Justice Manifesto Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
Why is there a need for health justice? What is the current state of our health and lifestyles?

What questions would you ask the food industry if you had the chance to sit in front of them? Do you know where your food comes from?


How do we hold the food industry and government responsible for their impact on our health and wellness? What actions can we take?

A list of demands. What do you want? From whom and for what?

Share Out

Wrap Up:
What is your first step in creating awareness about Type 2 Diabetes in your school, home, city? What impact can that awareness have?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture