2. Hear No

Joshua Merchant tells a personal story about his fathers relationship to Type 2 Diabetes, and its impact on family, and his own future.


   Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness…major contributor to heart attack and stroke.

   Type 2 diabetes is responsible for 90 – 95% of diabetes cases. Much of type 2 diabetes is preventable by changing diet, increasing physical activity and improving the living environment.


Hear No Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
Who in your family may be at risk of Type II Diabetes because of their eating habits? What is the balance between individual responsibility and societal responsibility to societal health?

Draw a family portrait of your family 10 years ago. Draw a family portrait of your family now. What are the physical differences? Who has changed? How has their diet affected their body?


What are the physical effects of unhealthy eating?

What does it mean for the family when one member denies medical attention? What does it feel like?

Share Out

Wrap Up: What is important about the relationship between our families and food?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture