10. Lost in Translation

The beverage industry is specifically targeting Latino children and youth by increasing their marketing efforts on Spanish-language television.

Watch Yosimar Reyes analyze how sugar sweetened beverages are impacting the diets and cultural practices of Latino communities heavily impacted by the type 2 diabetes epidemic.


   The beverage industry is especially targeting Latino children…increasing marketing efforts on Spanish-language TV

   Latino children saw one and a half more ads…Latino youth saw twice as many…

   …first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents…

   Sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in young people’s diets

   Drinking one or two sugary drinks each day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 25%

   Nearly 1 in 2 Latino children born in the year 2000 will get diabetes in their lifetime


Lost in Translation Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What gestures of affection do your family or friends share that includes food? What kind of foods are offered in those gestures?

Name three family members at the top of your page. Write a list under each name of their favorite food your would gift them. After creating each list reflect on who has the healthiest and most unhealthy gift package.


What are the origins of our eating habits? How did our ancestors eat? When did that change and how?

“If my grandmother/grandfather had to survive on my food choices they would…”

Share Out

Wrap Up:
How have our food choices changed over time? How does food play a part in family and cultural dynamics? What ways can our ancestors path influence our current choices?

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The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture