3. Pushin’ Weight

Simone Bridges (MC Nina Seraphina) uses rap to illustrate the metaphorical connection between the Food Industry, High Sugar foods and the pedaling of street narcotics.


   50 years ago the average American consumed 20lbs, now that number has risen to almost 130 lbs.


Pushin’ Weight Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What makes foods and beverages addictive? What happens to our bodies and minds when we become addicted to something?

Create a list of foods that have you hooked.


Are we users? Who is supplying us and with what? What kinds of things are we being pushed?

Tell the story of your addiction in the form of an Alcohol Anonymous testimony. “Hi my name is ______ and I’m addicted to _______.”

Share Out

Wrap Up: What can we do to change our addictions?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture