12. Quantum Field

Poet Tele’ Jon Quinn tells us the story of a young man doing all of the right things in the wrong world and how he is shunned for living a healthy life.


   Almost 1 in 4 youth have pre-diabetes…50%…at greater risk of developing full blown diabetes within five years. 10 years ago, only 1 in 11 had pre-diabetes.

   In the 1970’s 70% of youth walked or rode a bike to school. Now, only 14% do.

   Exercising regularly cuts your chance of getting diabetes by half.


Quantum Field Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What is the status quo around physical activity in your community? Do you have access to public parks or recreational activities? What are your options for activity?

Present 5-8 different drinks at the front of the classroom (ie Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water, Arizona Iced Tea, Snapple, Red Bull, Gatorade, Cranberry Juice, Crush, Water, etc). Have students try to order them from “most sugar to least sugar” or “unhealthiest to healthiest” without looking at the nutrition facts. Then have them order them using the nutrition facts to see how much sugar each drink actually has and how even healthy-seeming drinks have high amounts of sugar.


Draw a map of your block or neighborhood. Mark the spots where it’s safe and/or enjoyable to exercise with an X. Next to each X, write which physical activities you typically see people engage in. How many X’s do you have? How far apart are they? How many different kinds of activity seem acceptable/ encouraged and how healthy are they?


How do your friends react when someone orders a salad at a fast food restaurant or turns down a dessert? How does social pressure affect your food or activity choices? How can you make healthy choices but still be unhealthy just because of the world you live in?

What feels backwards or upside down about the ways we think about health? What would you change about how we think about exercise or healthy eating? What would you want our ideal healthy world to look like?

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Wrap Up:
How do we change culture around physical activity and healthy eating, even when there are limited options?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture