14. Targets

Watch Oakland Youth Poet Laureate, Obasi Davis, raise his voice against the targeting of minority youth by the marketing campaigns of the food and beverage industry.


   50 years ago the average American consumed 20lbs, now that number has risen to almost 130 lbs.

   They especially target youth of color for their high sugar products.

   75% of teenagers of color drink at least one sugary drink a day.

   Drinking one or two sugary drinks each day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 25%.


Targets Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
How many liquor stores are in your neighborhood vs. grocery stores? Next to liquor what is the highest commodity at the liquor store? What is at the liquor store for community members under 21? Where in the store are these item located?

Draw a map of your block or neighborhood. Mark the spots where there is a liquor store with an X. Mark every other shop or market with an O. Next to each X and O write what they sell there. How many X’s do you have? How many O’s? How far apart are they from each other and your home?


How do companies target black and brown communities? What tactics, language, images, or characters do they use? How do advertisements and marketing affect where you chose to shop?

Step into the character of an advertisement agency or soda company. Write a poem or pitch about who your product is targeting, why they are a good market to pitch to and what your campaign will look like.

Share Out

Wrap Up:
How can we dodge the bullet of Type 2? What choices can we make despite the forces around us to succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle? How can we use what we’ve learned or share it with our community in an accessible way?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture