4. The Corner

Jose Vadi illustrates the choice people make and questions whether or not we are actually making a choice or whether choices about what to eat are made for us by forces beyond our control.


   The food and beverage industry spends almost $12 billion a year (one million every hour of every day) targeting young people to buy unhealthy food.

   Living near corners like this one…increases your chance of getting diabetes by 20%.


The Corner Lesson Plan

Leading Questions:
What healthy food choices are available in your neighborhood?
 What food is most available and convenient for you to buy and eat in your community? What role does food play in bringing your community together?

Draw a map of the food options in your neighborhood. Where in your neighborhood do “the grease fryers stay sizzling past midnight?”


What are the choices you have when it comes to food? What is the easiest choice? What makes it easy? Where is your closest grocery store?

What corners are you standing on? If you had the chance to re-write your daily food recipe, what would you include?

Share Out

Wrap Up: In your ideal world. What’s on your corners?

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture