Brave New Voices Festival

The Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, powered by Youth Speaks, is the only festival of its kind. Every year, over 500 young poets, their mentors, and the nation’s leading artists and cultural workers convene in a different U.S. city for 4-5 days of arts education, artistic expression, and civic engagement.

Congrats to Urb Arts/VerbQuake (St. Louis)
2019 Brave New Vocies Champions

How does the slam work?

The poets that compete at Brave New Voices are champions from each participating city, as determined through a local competitive process. At BNV, we start with Quarterfinals, consisting of 4-5 teams, each with a minimum of 4 competing poets.

Each slam has 4 rounds, and each team participates in 2 Quarterfinals. A calibration poet will perform before the first round of each bout and the order in which the poets perform shifts in each of the four rounds. 20 teams from the Quarterfinals advance to the Semifinals. All Semifinal bouts will consist of 5 teams. The winning team of each Semifinal moves on to be 1 of the 4 teams advancing to Grand Slam Finals. There will only be 4 teams in the Finals, so there are tiebreakers in the Semifinals to insure only one winning team emerges from each bout.

Team Chants

Baton Rouge 2018

Baltimore 2018

Sacramento 2018

Boston 2018

Cleveland 2018

Brave New Voices

Brave New Voices