HBO presents Brave New Voices, is a partnership featuring highlights from the final round of the monumental event hosted by Common and Rosario Dawson. Capturing the emerging generation's most talented voices, Brave New Voices is HBO's latest presentation from the producers that brought you Def Poetry and the Brave New Voices series.


Russell Simmons presents Brave New Voices
Narrated by Queen Latifah

All over the United States, a new generation of poets is emerging. This new HBO series captures teenagers picking up the pen and taking hold of the microphone with passion, intelligence, creativity, honesty and power.

These voices of 21st Century America transcend race, class, gender, orientation, and red state/blue state politics as they show us all what the next generation of leaders looks and sounds like.

Watch on HBO ON DEMAND. The poets perform some of their best stuff from start to finish. Watch bonus clips now online.

Find out more about the Teams, Mentors and Poets.

Brave New Voices

Brave New Voices