The Bigger Picture at Life Is Living

What happens when two groundbreaking Youth Speaks projects join forces in West Oakland around health and food justice?

Watch the Bigger Picture campaign create a safe space to speak out about the the type 2 diabetes epidemics in conjunction with the Life is Living’s Food Justice Symposium, in local partnership with The People’s Kitchen.

“Candy Man” by Frak

Youth Speaks’ Bay Area MC Olympic champion Frak stars in this amazing new music video “Candy Man” for the Bigger Picture Project.


The Bigger Picture is teaming up with @DrinkDiabetes to raise awareness on the dangers of consuming sugary drinks. Follow @bigpiccampaign on Instagram and use the hashtag #SodaKills to join the conversation about diabetes.


“By Any Sweets Necessary” by Luke Tailor

Sacramento-based MC Luke Tailor’s addictive diet follows him everywhere he goes – in school, at the park, even the emergency room – but what Luke doesn’t know is how such an unhealthy high-sugar diet can lead to serious chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes. Watch Luke’s diet catch up to him in this new music video for the Bigger Picture, “By Any Sweets Necessary.” Directed by Jamie DeWolf and edited by Kevin Holmes.

Pushin’ Weight

Simone Bridges (MC Nina Seraphina) uses rap to illustrate the metaphorical connection between the Food Industry, High Sugar foods and the pedaling of street narcotics.

Join the Conversation

Diabetes is a health problem effecting millions of Californians. Raise your voice and join the conversation about diabetes.


What is the Bigger Picture?

Cal-Map-3The Bigger Picture Campaign is a collaboration between Youth Speaks inc, and The University of California, San Francisco’s Center for Vulnerable Populations designed to combat the rising epidemic of Type-2 Diabetes by empowering youth to change the conversation about the disease, and work to change the social and environmental factors that have led to its spread.

We aim to inspire young people to challenge and name the institutional, environmental and social causes of the spread of Type 2 Diabetes.  It is our hope that by raising their voicetaking action and joining the conversation they will inevitably alter the trajectory of the disease, and provide youth with a virtual platform, and real life performance opportunities for their stories to be heard.

As an added incentive we are offering $14K in educational scholarships to reward young people who make exceptional statements to persuade others to join the conversation, or who take direct action against this epidemic.