MC Olympics

MC Olympics Competition

Featuring the best teen MC's in the Bay Area. This olympic style competition identifies the best MC's in the Brave New Voices community. The competition features local heavyweights, DJ's and MC's as well as diverse voice from around the world. Each year we search for an MC Champion and ask each individual, Are you the One? Digital Workshop: Can't wait for the next workshop? Take our digital workshop designed for The Raise Up Project: KSwift's Digital MC Workshop. [one_half]

2014 MC Olympics

The highly anticipated 2014 MC Olympics Finals went down this past Friday, August 22nd at SoleSpace in Downtown Oakland. Co-hosted by local heavyweights, Do D.A.T. & Coco Peila the evening showcased 12 of the Bay Area's best young emcees including: Paolo, Casper, Ali Hammad, Zeke, KD, D.$ol, Kaly Jay, Dirty Chopsticks, AC2, Shyan G, Flammy Marciano and last year's champion, Frak. We had a panel of well qualified judges including: Dom Jones, Mandeep Sethi, Denizen Kane, Sellassie with support from MC K~Swift and Talia Taylor. Music proved by DJ Treatunice. Each emcee was put through multiple rounds to test their skills including: a topical verse, live beat and freestyle. The four remaining emcees: Kaly Jay, AC2, Ali Hammad and KD had to move the crowd with an original track. Only AC2 and Kaly Jay made it to the final battle round. In true Bay Area fashion, our battle round turned into a compliment round at the last minute. The reigning champion of the 2014 Bay Area MC Olympics is (drum roll, please): AC2 AKA Amari Chatmon. AC2 went home with the hand crafted gold chain courtesy of Treatunice. He will be performing at this year's Life is Living festival in DeFremery Park on October 11th and earned his very own promotional video. Be on the lookout for more coverage of the 2014 MC Olympics on our Facebook page.[/one_half] [one_half_last] 2014MCOFinalist 2014MCOlympicsChain 2014MCOlympicsJudges [/one_half_last]