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Tier 1

$500 >
In-school or nonprofit performance by young person
Panel Discussion
15 minutes maximum

Tier 2

Workshop Facilitation or MCing
$500 >
45-90 minutes

Workshop #1

Unwritten Rules

This workshop looks to gauge the moral code of young people by exploring the difference between laws and unwritten rules in our society, culture, communities and personal lives. Participants will identify and reflect upon unwritten rules that exist in their communities, families and personal lives, and then write about a time when they broke an unwritten rule that was either created and imposed upon them by society, or established as a result of their own moral code.

Workshop #2

I'm Not Who You Think I Am

Participants explore the roots of stereotypes and the scope and scale of the stereotypes that impact their personal lives. Participants are challenged to write through the contradictions and misperceptions that stereotypes cause in order to get to the heart of who they are at their core.

Workshop #3

I Live Here

Participants will examine location, activity, and self, building towards an incremental understanding of the context in which they live.  Drawing from a communally constructed word palette, students will produce a descriptive poem about a moment in which they felt truly alive.  This workshop is used to encourage continued practice with fundamental Youth Speaks concepts and tools – “No Wrong Answers,” “The Standard is Yourself,” the word palette, the free write.

Workshop #4

I am, I was, I will be

In this workshop, participants will explore the idea of personal identity.  Fueled by a communally-constructed word palette, writers will produce a declarative poem about who they were, are, and will be. Guided by the fundamental Youth Speaks concept that there are “no wrong answers,” writers will reflect upon the ways the people, places and moments of their lives have shaped - and will continue to shape - who they are.

Tier 3

$800 >
1-2 Hours

If you are looking for a workshop or performance that speaks more directly to themes of your event, Youth Speaks poets can generate curated and dynamic pieces or workshops to make your event pop! These type of bookings include one round of feedback and revision and the poet will work closely with you and the Youth Speak staff to capture the tone and message of your event.

Tier 4

$1,500 >
Custom Facilitated Workshops $3k >
1-2 Hours

Transformative Storytelling or Organizations & Justice Campaigns

By Michelle Mush Lee
1.5 hours, $3k

A storytelling workshop that gets to the bottom of these essential, age-old questions: What makes a powerful story? Why do stories work? And what does it look like to use transformative storytelling strategies in my own campaigns? This Learning Lab will: 

  • Provide leaders an introduction to a practical framework for narrative strategy and transformative storytelling
  • Be introduced to case studies of using creative story-based strategies for social justice campaigns
  • Practice identifying stories and narratives

Finance is Storytelling

By Michelle Mush Lee and Stephanie Cajina
$2k, 1.5hrs

Analyzing finances for storytelling and impact. Strategizing for operational support and sustainability.

Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Darius Parker
$1,000 panel facilitation
$3,000 workshop facilitation

How to center marginalized voices and confront white-supremacy in teen spaces through facilitated storytelling.

How to Produce Simple, Exciting Virtual Events

Joan Osato & Maximiliano Pierre Urruzmendi Mele
2hrs, $5k

Technical mastery for digital spaces. Maintaining accessibility in a post-pandemic world, curating for virtual engagement and audiences, Ohyay/Zoom personalization.

Overcoming Your Fear of Applying to City, County & State Grants

Stephanie Cajina and Annie Jupiter-Jones
1.5hrs, $2k

County and City grant application and implementation success. Analyzing finances for storytelling and impact. Strategizing for operational support and sustainability.