Unified District Poetry Slam


The District Slam is a tournament-style performance opportunity where students represent their schools, perform and spark dialogue with other writers from their school district and the entire Bay Area. The event is a Team Slam, with each participating school having a team of 4-6 poets. Schools from across the East Bay, San Francisco, North Bay, and Peninsula are invited to send a team to the Greater Bay Slam preliminary bout!

If you do not have a team that is ready to compete, you can come to celebrate with us as the audience! Bring your students to be part of the preliminary District Slam bouts on April 22 or April 23. There will be daytime bouts on both sides of the Bay during school hours. We will provide transportation to and from your school on a first come first serve basis. Sign up to be part of the District Slam audience.

UDPS Dates

Mandatory Orientation: March 14 Preliminaries: April 22 and April 23 District Slam Finals: May 1

UDPS Team Registration

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