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Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam

Youth Speaks has the historic distinction of being the first U.S. organization to host a Teen Poetry Slam in 1996. The Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam is open to any youth 13-19 years old in the Greater Bay Area. Join hundreds of young artists and leaders as they take the stage and perform for a chance to represent at the Grand Slam Finals. Seize the stage and speak truth to power! Learn More.

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Brave New Voices 2014 features over 500 Teen Poetry Slam Champions from 50 parts of the country and 5 additional cities from across the globe, representing over 50,000 young poets in their local communities. These young writers are a diverse, creative, intelligent group of trendsetting community and cultural leaders. They come to Brave New Voices each year not only to compete, but also to attend world-class workshops led by renowned poets and writers, participate in youth development programs, and highlight the voices of a new generation of leadership. Experience the festival here! Follow BNV on facebookinstagramtwitteryoutube [/one_half_last]