Join us for the biggest youth poetry festival of its kind

Femme..is NOW

We are returning to D.C. eight years after the last time we tore it down. Back for another election year, we will be speaking truth as always and honoring the loss of a towering femme, Cydney M. Edwards. Cyd was a fixture of Brave New Voices, being festival director many times, including last year.

Cydney M. Edwards

Cydney was a tremendous artist, Associate Director at the University of Madison, Wisconsin’s Office of Multicultural Arts Initiative, Program Director of The Miami-Dade Urban Debate League, Education Associate with Young Chicago Authors, youth poet of Chicago’s Kuumba Lynx programs, and immeasurable source of light who embodied everything we love about this work.

As an organization, there will never be enough words, poems or lifetimes to fully convey who Cydney was to our movement or what she meant to generations of Brave New Voices youth. She was the best of us — a light in moments when the candle of the world felt close to burning out. She loved Chicago so much that she made sure to weave her Chi-town roots with art and youth voice organizations wherever she went: from Maui to Florida, Madison to the Bay, and everywhere in between.