The Student Led Arts Movement (SLAM Clubs) offers high school students the opportunity to build, develop, and deepen the spoken word movement in their schools and communities. Through school clubs, student-initiated projects, and other campus activities, youth leaders create new avenues for self-expression, cultural dialogue, and social activism.


Youth leaders and artists create and build student clubs at their own schools. Supported by Youth Speaks, students organize events and activities in their school and community – open mics, assembly showcases, youth forums, etc – and receive special artistic and leadership opportunities. Each club sends a representative to the monthly SLAM Union meeting to network, gain skills, and help plan community events. After joining SLAM Union, your club can apply for a project grant of up to $500 to help meet its goals.


Students and teachers interested in connecting with the SLAM Clubs program, contact Susie Lundy at, or (415) 255-9035 x 21.